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Portfolio Manager Brian Kessens was interviewed on Bloomberg Radio following the OPEC meeting. 


Portfolio manager  Brian Kessens was quoted in Bloomberg on the topic of OPEC production cut compliance 


Portfolio manager James Mick was quoted in Barron's discussing an upcoming OPEC meeting


Wall Street Journal interviewed portfolio manager Rob Thummel on oil service providers 


S&P Global Market Intelligence interviewed portfolio manager Rob Thummel on crude oil prices


Portfolio manager Rob Thummel was quoted in the Oil and Gas Financial Journal on the topic of OPEC production cut compliance 


ETF Trends profiled MLP ETF investment strategies 

5/11/2017 profiled MLP ETF investment strategies 

5/11/2017 discussed MLP ETFs 

5/11/2017 discussed MLP ETFs 


Portfolio manager Rob Thummel discussed crude oil inventories in Bloomberg 


Portfolio manager Rob Thummel discussed the North American energy industry in FundPlat  


Bloomberg interviewed senior portfolio manager Matt Sallee on crude oil inventories


MarketWatch interviewed Tortoise Credit Strategies' senior portfolio manager Greg Haendel about corporat bond investors 


Barron's featured Tortoise Credit's senior portfolio manager Greg Haendel's comments on corporate tax reform 


Portfolio manager Brian Kessens responded to energy investor questions in Wealth Advisor


Bloomberg interviewed portfolio manager Brian Kessens on crude oil supplies 


Portfolio manager Brian Kessens discussed oil prices in the U.S. News and World Report


The Washington Post quoted Portfolio Manager Brian Kessens on crude oil prices 


Portfolio manager Brian Kessens was quoted in Industry Week on the topic of energy company changes 


Bloomberg interviewed porfolio manager Brian Kessens on energy


CNN interviewed portfolio manager Rob Thummel on energy trends 


CNBC TV Expert: All energy infrastructure companies are in really good shape


CNBC interviewed portfolio manager Rob Thummel on the energy infrastructure sector 


Rob Thummel was interviewed on Bloomberg’s Daybreak : Americas program (appears at 1:21:07)


Barron’s quotes portfolio manager Rob Thummel on oil inventories


Portfolio Manager Rob Thummel was a guest on CNBC discussing investment opportunities in energy


Barron's profiled Tortoise portfolio manager Brian Kessens


Director Jeremy Goff is quoted in ETF Advisor on investing in water infrastructure


ETFdb profiles ETF water investment strategies

2/21/2017 profiles ETF water investment strategies


Portolio manager Matt Weglarz is quoted on water investment strategies in Yahoo Finance


Fox interviewed portfolio manager Rob Thummel on ways to invest in the energy sector


Fund Action interviews director Jeremy Goff about water infrastructure investing


Reuters - Energy Pipelines Back in Investor Favor After Trump Orders w/Matt Sallee (Also appreared in and


Forbes/Tortoise Blog - A New Era for Energy


MarketWatch - Oil Pipelines Find a Booster in Trump, But Deregulation May Not Help Much w/Brian Sulley, TPYP


ETF Trends features recent MLP ETF activity under the Trump adminstration


Portfolio manager Rob Thummel was a guest on Bloomberg TV discussing the energy market under the Trump administration


Forbes/Tortoise Blog: Energy Ends A Rally Year And Kicks Off 2017 With Renewed Investor Optimism


Bloomberg quotes portfolio manager Brian Kessens on rising oil prices

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