Some of the recent activities we've teamed up to support include:

Honoring communities

Creating sustainable food sources for the community with Giving Grove

The Giving Grove helps at-risk communities grow, harvest and share healthy food by providing the resources needed to plant edible tree gardens on school grounds, church land, community grounds and unused, vacant land.

Building homes for Habitat for Humanity

Through volunteer labor and donations, Habitat for Humanity builds and rehabilitates houses alongside homeowner partner families.

Adopting families for Operation Breakthrough

Children living in poverty receive support from Operation Breakthrough staff, which provides them a safe, loving and educational environment to help them reach their full potential

Supporting research & care

Finding solutions to the opioid epidemic through Shatterproof

Shatterproof a national nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing the devastation the disease of addiction causes families. Shatterproof advocates for changes in policy at the federal and state level and supports the development and implementation of evidence-based solutions for substance use disorders. Listen to this podcast interview with Tortoise President and Shatterproof board member, Gary Henson and Joel Goldberg discussing the opioid crisis. (Episode 101)

Participating in local races, such as the Race for the Cure, the Trolley Run
and Heroes for Hospice

These local races support breast cancer research, visually impaired children and families
facing hospice and palliative care.

Encouraging entrepreneurship

Through our Tortoise Young Entrepreneurs Scholarship Program, we provide deserving students a leg up in their educational endeavors. The goal is to support the development of a creative, innovative mindset that will inspire them to engage in entrepreneurial initiatives.

Befriending tortoises

Adopting an Aldabra tortoise, "Chip," who lives at the Kansas City Zoo. Through our sponsorship, we support the protection of an endangered species that is near and dear to our hearts.

Cultivating the arts

Partnering with the Nelson Atkins Museum

The Nelson Atkins Museum of Arts is dedicated to the enjoyment and understanding of the visual arts and the varied cultures they represent and striving to adhere to the highest professional standards in the collection, preservation, exhibition and interpretation of works of art.